Thank you Mr President

This blog (my first!) is about my short trip to Los Angeles and Las Vegas in February 2017.  Hope this blog adds value to your upcoming trip.

Travel Tip #1 – Plan shopping during President’s Day weekend

It was an unplanned but a very pleasant surprise to find there is massive sale
on a President’s Day weekend. The President Day is a public holiday and most stores in the city were closed. But there are massive discount over the weekend.

I went to the outlet shopping at and Kate Spade items were on on 30-70% sale + a further 70% off !!!!

Travel  Tip #2: Tourist can sign up for a VIP card at the tourism office. This gave me further discounts at Armani.





Travel Tip #3 – Beating the line at Universal Studio

I ordered a ticket online which helped you beat the queue at the gates. But unless you get another version of the VIP pass, you still need to queue for the rides (but they move very quickly). If you visit Universal Studio, you have to take the Studio Tours


Travel Tip #4 – Get your souvenirs outside of Universal Studios (unless the trademark ones). I got a few of the following oscars statues only to find them cheaper in the stores outside the Studios *ouch*



Travel Tip #5 – Try the best hotdogs in town (Pinks) 

Brought here by a local and the store is framed by celebrities endorsements.


Travel Tip #6 – You don’t need a tour to take the iconic Hollywood sign. 

There are manyyyyy tours that brings you to take a scenic route to the Hollywood sign and celebrities home. But you can also view the iconic sign from the city (Dolby Theatre)



Travel Tip 7# – Be part of a sitcom recording. 

I accidentally stumbled on a website that gives tickets to sitcom recordings. I wasn’t sure if it was legit given it’s free. But yes it was. I am officially part of TV history.


Travel Tip #8  – Hotel Concierge 

If you are like me and rather shop online, make sure you check if your hotel offers free parcel collections. It is one of my essential services when i travel overseas. It allows me to save the time for the sightseeings 🙂

Sp there you go! 8 travel tips for gorgeous LA in my first ever blog post. Leave a comment if you found this helpful.

And enjoy your holidays xx



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