Thank you Mr President

This blog (my first!) is about my short trip to Los Angeles and Las Vegas in February 2017.  Hope this blog adds value to your upcoming trip.

Travel Tip #1 – Plan shopping during President’s Day weekend

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Qantas Business Class (LAX>BNE)

It was an unexpected surprise but my classic reward upgrade was accepted for a business class upgrade in the much needed 14 hours flight from Los Angeles to Brisbane.

  • Business Lounge – Oneworld

Qantas lounge in LAX is only for first class passengers. You have to go next door to the Oneworld lounge which caters for other airline partners like Cathy Pacific

There was a range of food choices, free wifi, drinks options, shower facilities.

Travel tip #1 – leave some space for the flight – my fellow’s passengers food looks great and I really cant stomach more food at 1am in the morning.¬†



The lounge is big and many seats are available – there was even a playroom for kids.

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I feel strange writing a travel blog for Singapore because I was born there. But having lived overseas for more than the past 10 years makes every visit back feels like a holiday. Even my family and friends call me a tourist when I start taking pictures of some of the new developments around the Lion City, a place I still call home.

So I hope this tips be useful coming from a self-acclaimed local.

Travel Tip #1 – Know the duty free limits

Travel Tip #2 – Must try local food and Singapore Sling

Travel Tip #3 – Visit the Marina

Travel Tip #4 – Free Wifi at Changi Airport